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Soul Art Workshop

1 hour 
5 - 12 Students
1.5 hours 
5 - 20 Students

2 hours
5 - 30 Students

         1. Torah Spark, 

  • A Torah idea will be shared on specific theme, concept based on the either the parsha, holiday, themes of the month, or chassidut concept

          2. Drawing 

  • Then students will engage in a drawing activity inspired by the Torah Spark

          3. Soul Art Studio 

  • Students will use their drawing as a springboard to develop a personalize piece of art that encompasses another Torah Spark that builds on the first one. 

  • Soul Art Studio will be the majority of the class, where the teacher will meet with students 1:1 to discuss their artistic vision.  Students will be guided on choosing what materials they would like to work with and what their individualize theme is for their artistic creation. Each student's project will be individualized to their creative visions and interests. 

  • Depending on the students ability and needs, art themes and specific art teaching techniques can be provided to create more structure for the student to create. 

          4. Art Demo 

  • A specific art technique will be taught each class, to expose students to different materials and provide inspiration of how they can manipulate different materials for their envisioned aesthetic. 

           5. Art Shares

  • Towards the end of class, students will share about their personalized creations and reflect on the art pieces of their peers. This creates a studio culture of feedback and creative collaboration. 

This workshop is for schools and community centers
Responsible for:
  • Advertising
  • Confirm number of students
  • Providing a space for the workshop to take place  
  • Supply Materials (List will be provided)
    • Materials can be provided with additional fee of 15 per student)


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