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AA-Z Artists

Great for younger artists! Ages 4 - 8!
Students learn about a famous artist and use that as inspiration to create a mixed media art piece. 
Course Description: 
  • This course focuses on developing self expression, confidence, routines, and communication skills through engaging in fun art exploration. 
  • Each class students will learn about a famous artist. Inspired by the artist, student will be led to create a mixed media art piece to develop their own personal portfolio.
  • Each week, different elementary art making techniques and content, with be woven through the lesson.
    • Techniques featured are: collage, watercolor, oil pastels, color pencils, tempera paint, drawing, printmaking, weaving, and sewing.
    • In addition to learning about: color theory, material care, styles of art, elements of art, material experimentation, art vocabulary, and the process of art making.
    • We also will learning how to share about their personal masterpieces, comment on their peers and preparing their art for presentation.
Looking forward to so much artistic play! 
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