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Miss Alli has been teaching for years. The testimonies are written by the parents of students of hers. Many of these students she has taught for 5 years with a combination of in person and virtual instruction.

Miss Alli has been teaching my daughters on zoom, both art and sign language from across the globe! It is one of the highlights of both of their days and they cannot wait to get started each week. Miss Alli is an amazing, patient and kind teacher and can keep kids engaged for their sessions even over zoom. My kids are learning so much from her and I am so thankful that my children get to work with Miss Alli.~ Rivky Stern

taught in person & virtual


Ms. Alli is wonderful! A skillful and imaginative artist herself, she has a lovely, calming energy and she sees the true artist hidden in each child. Children blossom under her instruction and encouragement, discovering the artistic style and form that speaks to them. All of my kids loved their time with Ms. Alli, from my oldest who is naturally drawn to art to my middle son whose previous refrain was always, “I hate art.” Ms. Alli helped my oldest daughter to try out new media, understand art as a means of self-expression, and clarify the narratives behind her artwork.  And she got my skeptic son to engage and enjoy art for the first time! ~ Rachel Barmatz

taught in person & virtual


Professional Development:

  • Maryland Art Education Association Conference 

  • The Science & Arts of Environmental Education Conference 

  • National Council on Education for Ceramics Arts Conference 

  • National Art Education Association Convention 

Judaic Learning:

  • Livnot U’Lehibanot, Machon Alte, Mayanot, Shearim,
    Brandeis Collegiate Institute, Midreshet Berot Bat Ayin


Students' Artwork Awards:

  • Celebrating Arts: 19 students placed between (Spring 2020 - Spring 2021, 1 high merit winner)

  • Sargent Art: 2 elementary school national winners (Spring 2018, Spring 2020)

  • My Family Story: 2 international winners & 5 state placements (2019 - 2021)

Miss Alli is one of a kind. She was able to tap into talents I never knew my children had. My kids looked forward to her classes and their creativity blossomed just by being around her! She is extremely talented. ~ Yael Schwarzenberger


"Morah Alli not only taught my children unique and advanced art techniques with such skill and patience but perhaps more importantly, she infused in them a love and curiosity surrounding what it means to be an artist. She wet their appetite so they could see themselves as lifelong learners of the craft. There's nothing I could want more for my children than an educator who values their involvement in the process just as much as the end result. Morah Alli is a breath of fresh air in her unique ability to meet each kid where they are with palpable enthusiasm." - Becca Friedman


Learning with Adena Yonit really helped me express an inner artist that I didn’t know was there! She has a beautiful way of connecting to her students, and her encouragement and guidance is so personal and intuitive!

~ Batya Deitsch


Age: 19


Adena has a most magical way of leading her art classes! She embodies so much warmth, confidence, intuition, talent, and joy. Her many years of experience show when she walks around the room, engaging and guiding every student in creating their own unique master peice. She facilitates to every style and personality, helping them express that which they never thought they could. Adena doesn’t lead regular art classes, she touches souls through art and love. She remembers each master peice and the artist behind it - so no worries if you forgot to write your name! Being in Adena’s classroom is a most wonderful experience that leaves all of her students feeling happier and more connected to themselves, those around them, and the world at large!

- Leah Brody



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