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40 Days at the Kotel

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

There is this innate power and connection of spending time at the Kotel, Western Wall. It is a sacred space that people from all over the world come and dwell in the magic of the Kiddusha (Holiness). Starting tomorrow 11/19/22 there is this special cycling starting, which includes going to the Kotel every day for 40 days ending in Zot Chanukah, which is the last day of Chanukah. Chanukah is this time of revealed miracles and elevated light. So I am beyond grateful that I am walking distance to the Kotel and Bezert Hashem (with G-ds help), I hope to go to the Kotel daily starting tomorrow. If there is a day in which I won't be in Jerusalem, lets say for Shabbat, Judaism has this beautiful power of intentionality. So I will ask one of my soul friends if she could go on my behalf. Anyways, it starts tomorrow 11/17, which is actually the English date of my Bat Mitzvah which is quite exciting as well.

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